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Saturday, June 27, 2020


Like Mojitos? Here's My Easy Peasy Mojito Slushy 6/27/20

Easy Peasy Mojito Slushy!
     With everything going on... there are days that I think going back to "normal" is a moot point.  I mean, normal is just a setting on our dishwasher.  I have hope, tomorrow, whenever it comes, will  be brighter for all of us.  Till then, I'm just callin' this time, a glitch.  

     So, time to enjoy the glitch.  Look around, count your blessings, hug the loved ones that you've been spending so much time with...and hope everyone has managed to keep their sense of humor in tact. 

So, onward and forward, to a new world... 

Easy Peasy Mojito Slushy:

You will need-
128 oz plastic container -freezer compatible 
12 limeade concentrate (whatevah brand) 
Mint~ I use around 2-3 dozen leaves- half of .75 oz package
2 cups of White Rum

In the container, prepare the limeade as it states, mixing in 4 1/3 cans of water.  Next, add mint, and muddle a bit -not too much.  Next add rum!  Then mix 'er up, put lid on container and carefully place in freezer.  Give it a day to slush up, then scoop out as wanted/needed.  You could top it off with Club Soda, if you like, but I did not.  I thought it was perfect the way it was. 


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Another yummy easy peasy cocktail for summer->

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