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Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Copyright 2016 Susan Jaye


          As I have written quite a bit before, it's been awhile since I've regularly written on my blog.  I started the blog in 2013.
          One of my first posts was The Perks of Being Fired.  

         Even since I was younger, I've written, bartended, cooked, made jewelry, and spent as much time as I can with all my loved ones.  
      As I hope that most of us know by now; I was told by my family, when I was younger: 

      Tomorrow is nobody's promise; you must keep your sense of humor, and do your best to look on the bright side. 
     No matter what gender, what nationality, what race, what religion, we all bleed red, and we are all born, then hopefully love, laugh, learn, live, then... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Copyright 2002~ Susan Jaye

     This photo above, is from one of my trips to Paris.  Which that trip, was our honeymoon! 

     So, I'm gonna try to do more now, on Sadie's Gathering!  
     As my one career dream is writing, I will greatly appreciate any contributions from readers.  
     The "button" to make $ contributions is up on the right.  "DONATE"  Thank you, very much in advance!

      I'm finishing this post with a few of my cloud photos.  I love clouds! 
     No matter how different; they are mind blowing!

Just like clouds, all humans are different; yet all of us are important!

Have a great day! 



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