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Curious Things

Curious Things is about various things, thoughts, ideas, etc.  Things that don't quite make my "Bete Noire List", but are still things that make me wonder.  At this point I think they'll probably contain a "rolling my eyes" element, but we'll see.  Starting off with these: 
(The drawing of the curious character above was done by me.)  

- I like Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, but find it funny that the video for her "The One Minute Rule," takes two minutes and four seconds to explain. 

-Saw an ad today for Women Who Love Too Much.  Got tired of seeing books like these in the '90's.  I would like to see books entitled... Women Who Love Too Much & Why NotOR: So, You Used To Score & Now You Don't; Here's Why  (You never loved anyone but yourself).  

-Do overbearing, obnoxious, controlling, patronizing people recognize themselves when they are depicted in movies?  You know, a character that's not a villain,  just annoying, that has the same personality traits.

-oh boy- I just saw a picture of a product, that I have not been able to link, which is probably a good thing.  Best described as a sock with a string for a man's private parts in BRIGHT NEON COLORS!
Who thought this was a good idea?  Ugh.  I believe in the truest form, one could definitely term these, 'banana hammocks'. Thank you, Craig Ferguson.  Love this guy.

-While grocery shopping the other day, I discovered that buying individual red potatoes was a better value than buying them in a 3# bag.
  Bleckkk... can't get the picture of the previous "curious thing" out of my head, and the word "bag" doesn't help.

- "Please excuse the mess" or "Don't mind the dust" are a couple of phrases I mention from time to time.  Has a man ever uttered a phrase such as these?  Just curious.  Please let me know.

- Objection to marriage equality- This belongs on my Pet Peeves List, but that is getting quite long, so I thought if I put it here, it might stand a better chance of getting "brought to the table".  I am currently working on a post entitled "Marriage, My Thoughts", which will probably touch on this, but it also merits its own post.
So for now, the curious thing to me is why all the hubbub?  Please don't give me a religious reason, because we live in America that was founded because of religious freedom; plus I have straight happily married friends who are atheists, so to me, this argument is moot.  Straight marriages don't lose anything if our gay loved ones choose to embark on the heaven/hell choice which is marriage.  So, why can't we just get past this so we can work on problems such as hunger, homelessness, and disease.  The longer we spend arguing about things that don't affect us all, the less time we allow to work on the problems that do.  After all as the comedian Hari Kondabolu proposes, it's 2014, shouldn't we be past tolerance and onto acceptance and love?  Heck, I don't like all my friends' spouses, but I would think there are bigger tears to cry.

-I am a woman.  I have legs.  They have a greater surface area than a man's face, (easy, get your mind out of the gutter). So, why is it that I had a man's razor for 5 years, never had so much as a nick, but then for aesthetic reasons I guess, I bought a lady's razor and have been slashed every single time I have used it?  Curious indeed.  

-Why do some foreign films have English titles?  Not irk worthy, just a curious thing.

-Rolling my eyes over toilet products.   Don't want to spend so much time on this as a post, (due to my issue with scatalogical topics) but just who got the idea that adults need wet wipes? Come on folks, you're not that busy that you can't take the time to wipe your bum properly!  As you probably know, ended up doing posts about this.
"A Few Thoughts From The Prude", "Gotta Hand It To Them", and "Oy Vey!...I Mean Ove" all discuss products for the bum.  Then if you would like a possible business idea, check out about "Poo-Tunes".

-The abundance of things that I am given an option to "Like" on Facebook.  If I "Like" Charmin toilet products- what exactly does that say about me?  Other than I desperately need to get a hobby.

-Why doesn't Facebook have a "Don't Like", "Hate" or "Sorry to Hear" option?  Not everything should be "Liked" or "Flagged".


  1. Have you ever wondered why we park in a driveway yet drive on a parkway?

    Why is it that most everyone that drinks those energy drinks don't look like they've got jack shit going on that day? Or the next day?

    Just my $0.02, take it or sit on it.


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