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Friday, November 8, 2013


      Started this one morning when I was looking through the job sites and had to google half a dozen or so acronyms.
     I know that with Twitter, they are essential; probably the reason I'm not a big "tweeter".  Shocking I know.

       My aggravation is becoming as ubiquitous as acronyms are.  It started when my mom was in the hospital during her last days.  A nurse told me that her doctor was going to "dc" the something or the other, followed rapidly by a lot of other medical jargon.  Trying to process all the terminology, amidst all the emotions that I was feeling was not an easy thing.   I asked, "What does 'dc' stand for?"  She looked at me as if I was a cavewoman who had just learned language, and answered curtly, "discontinue," then continued on her rapid explanation.  To which I stopped her and lambasted her.  I informed her I did not have a medical degree, and I was dealing with losing my mom.  Would it be too much to remember that and talk to me as such?  She stopped, blushed a little, and apologized.  That was the last time she used any acronym or abbreviation; with me at least.

     Today, there are just too many of them for my liking.

     This post as you see, does not include a drawing or photo.  Thought of including the poster with Ted the Bear, where he states"B-E-F-O-R-E not b4.  We speak English not f* ing bingo."  Decided to take the high road and stick to my "no swearing" rule.  For now.  With the acronym that begins the post, at least I set it in a pretty font.

      There is no way that I can list ALL the acronyms that infuriate me.  The biggies though are: acronyms that take the place of a word that would not take much more effort to type or speak; acronyms that stand for more that one organization prevalent in the news;  and acronyms used by people as a way to prove their intelligence.  All evidence to the contrary.

     I get my vengeance by speaking in metaphors and idioms.

Have a great weekend.

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