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Monday, November 25, 2013

Can We Just Relax?

     Here it is the Monday before Thanksgiving; the beginning of the holiday season.  In most places we have seen holiday decorations and preparations on sale since the beginning of November if not before Halloween. 

     Can we do that inevitable huge sigh together?  Here we go... SIIIIGGGGGHHHH ...(repeat as necessary)

     Is all the hubbub necessary?

     Don't misunderstand, I love the holidays, but there are some commercial practices these days, that have me rolling my eyes.  Found out yesterday that department stores are giving their customers an early start to black Friday- by starting on Thursday!  They opt out of mentioning that Thursday is indeed a holiday unto itself.  Just state that there are amazing, one of a kind, sales to be had on THURSDAYHuh.  What are they counting on?  That we'll forget it's THANKSGIVING?
Or are they just betting we're all lunatics? 

     I know I am not the only one who gets irritated with how the madness keeps getting earlier and earlier every year.  Lewis Black has a hilarious routine about it.  (click on his name to view it).  He also has a routine, Hanukkah Sucks, which is very funny as well.  There are friends of mine who are Jewish who complain about all the hoopla and I just joke with them, there's nothing stopping them from going over the top with Hanukkah.  After all Hanukkah is for 8 days.  Curious notion when you think about it;  why hasn't Hanukkah gone over the top?  After all it's the secular aspects of Christmas that increase with every year.  Perhaps everyone just feels that with all the pomp and circumstance of Christmas and the New Year, enough is enough.  Wouldn't surprise me.

     Still, to spite best intentions I can already tell you how it's going to go in our household.  We'll do our best to keep with the "reason for the season."  Then we'll watch a holiday movie that will inspire a Dickensian or Rockwell worth effort to add to our Christmas Spirit.  Then, I'll go a little nuts baking and cooking every recipe from ye olde yesteryear to the present.  Half way through December I'll have enough to feed Charles's, Norman's, as well as our own family.  Considering we had/have 15 kids between us, that's saying something.  Then the giftsWe have our list, we check it twice, and rejoice in the pleasure of finding that special something for our loved ones.  Sounds good.  Till some little Christmas Imp comes along and does something.   Could be that awesome new toy, that just came out, every kid wants, and all store are sold out.  Or coffee grounds clog the sink and winkle their way to the dishwasher while it's running the dishes for Christmas dinner.  Or your pet gets into the icicles... again.  Enough said.  You know what I am talking about.  I'm sure you've had your share of Christmas Imp visits. Speaking of imps, I wonder how our elf Natale is getting along.

     As long as we stuff and roast ourselves, all should be good.  

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