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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Hoopla

How's everyone doing?

10 Days to go till Christmas Eve.

I think I am finished with the shopping.  So that usually means in about 5 days time I'll think of something that someone absolutely can't do without, and I can't find absolutely anywhere.

Then there's the baking.  Getting in the right frame of mind, to be ready to bake some yummy treats, all the while accepting all the help (the 9 and younger set)  that is available to you.  Then you realize there's that one key ingredient you are missing.  Like sugar.

The Christmas Cards.  Making them out merrily, while listening to Nat King Cole, then remembering that so-n-so, got a new job and moved.  Is this the new address or the old?  They got married; now whose place are they living?  Or they're no longer together, where did I put their new addresses?  What's their new significant other's name?  Go the distance.  Stay in touch.  Lots of egg nog later...


All the while using language as colorful as your holiday wrapping paper.

Now there's the Christmas Spirit.


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