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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ever Feel Like This?

This cutie is brought to you courtesy of my talented husband, Davis Jaye.  The idea is mine, courtesy of my life, as well as everyone's I know.

     I remember thinking when I first became a mom, "why wasn't I born an octopus?"  Then one morning, after getting more than an hour of uninterrupted sleep and having a big ass* caffeine infused beverage, logic returned. 

If I had been born an Octopus, my offspring would be octopi.
That would pretty much defeat the purpose.
So, I hope this brings a smile
, and empathizes with everyone;  especially during the holiday season.

Just to let you know, one of my thoughts for Sadie's Gathering in 2014 is to "open" a little store with just a few little things.  Coffee mugs, tee shirts, bumper stickers, cotton reusable bags and the sort.  The artwork will be cartoons that I have featured in My Take on MarriageGo Forth & Behave, this octopus, and a few others.  Please let me know your interest in the comment section.  Thanks in advance.

Happy Holidays!

*While I don't regularly swear on Sadie's Gathering, I will use the word "ass" from time to time, as did J. M. Barrie's Tinkerbell in his timeless children's classic Peter and Wendy.

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