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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Poo-Tunes" A New SNL Idea

So if you hop over to SNL Sketches I'd Like To See , you'll see a new sketch idea I'd love to see; "Poo-Tunes".  Given my issue with scatological topics, I am actually quite proud of myself.  Albeit admittedly in a weird way. 

Not exactly the post I thought I would have for my 1 year anniversary- but what the hay, have a great day!


P.S. Guess this is sort of a follow up to my, " A Few Thoughts From The Prude" post.

Update: Went ahead and added the idea here:

 - A new product idea from folks at Poo-Pourri: "Poo-Toons!" A mini-ipod-thingamajig- to complete that impression of using the loo- or rather not using the loo, along with the Poo-Pourri scents.  Have one of the outstanding talents of SNL be the "Dame in Blue Taffeta"- with a similar monologue about those tell tale sounds that happen while you're emptying those "cavernous bowels."  What's the point in smelling like roses, if you, your bum, or the water makes noises reminiscent of birthing a midsized mammal?  Sounds offered could include, "ocean waves", "trickling stream", barnyard animals, or hell, any animal. I mean, imagine the thought going through a fellow public restroom guest's head, as they hear a whale song from the adjacent stall!  Again lots of hilarious possibilities here.  "Your favorite artists available. The top of the line offered, is of course, Puccini."  He's quite possibly rolling in his grave as I type this.


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