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Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello... Is Anybody Out There?

Not a big Pink Floyd fan, just a quick vent about my frustrations of trying to reach a human being.

Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and so many others.

As a habit, when someone calls, I try to return their call asap.  Same goes for email.  Wish others would follow suit.

     I was in the middle of cleaning my daughters room, which is a bit like working on the wake of a storm, when the phone rings.  When I answered it was a telemarketer, made to sound like a real human, trying to sell something.  "If you are interested press '1', if you wished to be removed from the call list, Press '2'."   I had received this offer many times before, and had remained on the phone long enough to hear the options, then followed their direction by pressing "2" to be removed to no avail.  So this time, I pressed "1" to speak to a "representative."  When a jolly male representative answered with a chipper "Hi, my name is 'so and so', how can I be of service?"  I answered nicely, "I have received this offer many times, and always have pressed '2', but that has obviously not worked, so I  pressed '1' this time to hopefully get that goal accomplished, and be removed from your calling list..."  He hung up.

     Way to represent the company.  Wait'll they call next time.
     Now actually at the time of writing this part, who knows how many more times I have received this call, always with a recording saying "This is your second and final chance..."  REALLY?! PROMISE?!  So for a long time now, I just have accepted the fact that I will continue to receive this company's calls.  However, the other day, I tried again.  This time I got on the line with what sounded like an older woman, you know reminiscent of your grandma.  I started our conversation as sweet as molasses, and told her one of her coworkers had hung up on me.  "Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that, let me assure you that I'll take care of your requests."  I began to explain why I did not need what they were offering; Granny was gone before I finished my first sentence.

     As for the social media, such as the ones listed above, I am so tired of their intuitive software.  I think that's what it's called.  When you go to the "Help" section and type in your question; then you have options from whatever key word they decided is the key word.   Then usually what follows is a question: "Was this helpful?"  This is where you rate it from "Extremely Helpful" to "Not at All."
Seems to me if it was truly intuitive, it would know the answer.

     Since it is the beginning of the year, I thought I would post this now in case anyone out there would like to carpe diem so to speak, and create yet another social network that is actually social itself.

Cause I am pretty certain that there are others out there.

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