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Friday, March 14, 2014

Enlighten Me

      Did you hear about what a grandma and a preacher said about Frozen?
      Sounds like the intro to a joke.

      Can someone please enlighten me and tell me where oh where, in Frozen, are these parts that are turning our kids gay?  I apparently overlooked them.  Mind you, I don't worry about that, just so long as my daughters get the unconditional love for thy sister message.  That message, registered so strongly with me that I continue with my unconditional love for thy sister tirade, day in a day out still; even though we saw Frozen back in November.  I confess, felt like I'd hit the jackpot when I saw Elsa and Anna's shining examples of sisterly love. "See, how well they play together?  How nice!  They say they love each other and hug each other without anyone telling them to!  Notice, they don't hit, whine, sass, tell on each other, trade raspberries, etc. etc. etc."  That's the message I took from the movie.  As my daughters argue in the next room, I realize with a sigh to myself; it has yet to sink in with them.
     What did sink in?
The wish for yet another doll.  There's also some admittedly very snazzy dress up dresses.  And oh yea- since we haven't had any luck getting this guy to talk:
gonna probably end up with yet another adorable stuffed toy.  Preferably for me, one that does not talk.   Of course a couple of Sven the reindeer for the stuffed animal collection have been requested as well.  If you've read about what the preacher thinks, one guess what he'd say about this.  For me the fact that Frozen themed toys are in short supply right now - impossible to find unless you want to pay through the nose, is more of a sign that we've all gone crazy.
     I'm just tired of seeing politicians and others use God as a scapegoat for their agendas that usually include among other things, just not being nice.                
    Frozen is a great movie, with a wonderful message about the power of unconditional love.  It's the same message that's found in the Hans Christen Anderson classic that Frozen was loosely based on.   Wonder what the grandma and the preacher have to say about the The Snow Queen?  On the other hand, how about movies with a lot of violence?  Are they as worried about what agendas those movies indoctrinate our young with? 
       Somehow, I suspect those wouldn't garner as much uproar as Frozen has.  Why not?  Could it be because these movies don't have the "popularity bandwagon" that Frozen has? 

Enlighten me.

Update: I watched Frozen yesterday, twice.  I paid close attention everywhere, and I am convinced that the grandma and the preacher's motives are based on nothing more than a self serving desire to get attention.  Wonderful movie, sure to be watched and enjoyed for years to come.  I'll do another update, on that fateful day, when my daughters come to embrace the concept of unconditional sisterly love.  Don't imagine it will be anytime soon.

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