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Monday, March 3, 2014

Newt Gingrich Called...

     Politicians, Nonprofits Organizations, and businesses that rely on telemarketing, would get so much more support from me if there was a human being on the other end of the line- when they call me to promote a candidate, save the whales, or sell a home security system.  Not all the phones in our house have caller ID, thus why I answer these calls.
     Newt Gingrich phoned the other day.  I'm not a fan.  He was promoting a GOP candidate for some office.  Honestly- he had me at "Hi, this is Newt Gingrich".  Excellent.  I said "hello, is this a human?" just wanted to be sure it was a recording, and it was!  Golden opportunity.  I was also not best pleased to clamor out of the bathroom, dodge toys in the hall, maneuver around the bed, to answer the phone; just to get one of these calls.  So, given my daughters were at school, I could use any language I darn well pleased,  I proceeded to unload my thoughts about a few other choice topics to Mr. Gingrich, over top of the recording.  Mature? Nope.  Cathartic?  Not really.  However, I can't say, that after Newt and I hung up, I felt it was totally without merit.  Strange.

     So now, when I get a call that's a recording,  I consider.  If I am busy or in the middle of things, I just hang up.  However, if not, and I feel so inclined, I consider: what do I wanna talk about?  For a few brief moments, I can pretend that it is all about me.  I suggest you do the same.  It can add that certain je ne sais quoi, to an otherwise ordinary day. 
     Just be sure to always check and make sure it is a recording; unless of course you don't mind that you may be listened to at some point, by a real live human being.  And make sure you don't leave your name.  Or heck, why not leave the name of that annoying ...whoever?
     How do they gauge the results or the efficiency of these calls?  Until Newt, I just hung up.  But then I would receive another one for the same cause or product (politicians fit under both).  So, what gives?  Been having lots of fun with recordings about the GOP governor candidates.  They never ask you to press any number; (they'll getcha later) so how do they gauge how many people actually listen to the whole recording, and consider what they're saying and think, "that's the one I want."?  At least with the Nonprofit Organizations, they can see how many donations they received with calls.  The businesses usually get a clue if you stay on the line long enough, and buy what they're selling.
      There is the thought, that perhaps there is some way they've rigged up the recording, to record the responses.

Oh well; I'm not running for office.

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