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Friday, January 16, 2015

"Let It Go", "Shake It Off"...

 I have no proof of the above; but would not be a bit surprised to walk in on this~ 

Just a quick thought today.

As a mom, I have said the phrases, "let it go" and "shake it off" heaven knows how many times.   And with both phrases; long before Ms. Menzel and Ms. Swift capitalized on them by setting them to music. 
So, what's next?  What common phrase should be the next big musical hit?

Sadly, I think that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would frown on a song with the illustrious, ubiquitous "F-word" in the title. What a pity.  Moms will still mutter it under their breath; maybe even with a melody. 

It's curious to think what may be the next commonplace, everyday phrase, regularly uttered that sees its title in neon lights.

Since I am a tired mom, the phrases that come readily to mind are:

"Shut the door!"
"Go to bed!"
"Turn down the volume now!"
"Because I said so!"
"Don't make me pull this car over."
"That's enough!" (Actually Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer kinda covered this phrase in 1979, with their hit "No More Tears Enough Is Enough"- so maybe just needs to be revamped for today.)

If you have not seen the parodies of Deva, creator of My Life Suckersgive yourself a treat and check them out.  Now.  Just click on the bold letters.

Let me know what you think the next phrase to be rhythmically chanted by everyone will be.

Have a great weekend.

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