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Monday, October 12, 2015

Poor Chris-

Photo: Daniel Bethencourt Detroit Free Press

Poor Chris.

Chris Columbus that is.  Been getting a bad rep the last few years.

Perhaps we should rename today.

For now; Happy Columbus Day.  

Seriously though, it makes sense to at least think about talking about changing the name.

Last year, I posted a quick post, just sharing this great video from John Oliver:

Not long after, I posted, History Be Damned Expresses my desire to not have history be subjective.  History should not be biased.  How to make it so, I haven't a clue.  

Consider how much it affects.

Native Americans, were called Indians because an Italian got lost and confused.

Women are still often thought of as just birthing vessels, due to men writing history books.  Nevermind, that many were warriors, artists, mathematicians, philosophers, scientists, writers, as well as have just the same aptitude for evil as men.
In 2015 despite many other countries around the world electing women as their rulers, we Americans, still have yet to prove we have the ovaries.

We have politicians, that claim they want to take us forward, while honoring manuscripts that were written anywhere from 75 years, Atlas Shrugged; 225 years- The Constitution; or 600 years ago, The Bible.  How they plan to do that; always befuddles me.

Not long ago my daughter had some homework that centered around the debate over the Washington Redskins.

I get why to change the name.
Whether it's Dan Snyder, or anyone else trying to justify the name; that it's for any reason other than costing a lot of money to change it- I simply don't buy it.

Considering politics in Washington lately, why not change the name to Washington Gringos?  OR Washington Honkies?  No?  Didn't think so.  Please know that the only intent for those examples was to inspire a little empathy.

So, just a couple of things to think about.

Meanwhile; hope everyone had a better weekend than the statue in Detroit.

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