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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Don't Really Have Time, but...

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     I really don't have time for this shtuff, but I have to air my vent.  These two candidates pictured above have ground my last nerve.
     First the Good Doctor:  When Dr. Carson first began, I thought he was a kind, soft spoken man with an impressive medical resume, and although I knew I'd never vote for him given his statements on homosexuality; thought he'd be one of the least bothersome of the 18.  I was wrong.  He has stated such offensive rhetoric on abortion, immigration, and many other important subjects.  Now on the Oregon shooting.  I think it's pretty clear, that if he had not decided to take his act to the road to run for president, his career as a neurosurgeon was over.  And I don't know if he's just worn out; or maybe he's subconsciously aware of how idiotic he sounds; is the reason even he can't keep his eyes open.
     Then there's Jindal.  Which honestly, I often forget that he's running.  

     As I said before, Trump cornered the  Offensive/Edgy style.   Wish the other candidates, would understand  the concept: If you gonna wear the rainbow sparkly leopard pants, you gotta do it FIRST, and you gotta OWN IT & MAKE IT YOURS.  Anyone else that enters the playing field with that style; LOOKS LIKE A SMACKED ASS.
     Maybe since Jindal's polling numbers are so far behind Trumps, he thinks he can get away with it.  Nope.
     This article that Jindal wrote for his campaign site, blames the Oregon Shooting on a plethora of things, but of course not the weapon that delivered the final statement.  While  there, if you agree with what Jindal has to say, you can donate and try to help his numbers.

There are so many point that I find offensive.  Hard to know with which to start.

In a nutshell he blames families.  Or the lack of "families" as he defines the concept.  Single mothers, lackadaisical dads, computer violence, and no value on life.

In an effort to be concise, we're a country that runs Viagra commercials morning, noon, and night; have men that strive to get laid, but can't be bothered to don a condom, who shun commitment, and view women as trying to tie them down or worse- trapping them.  We don't acknowledge that there are only 24 hours a day, and that it takes a lot more than one (usually a woman) human to raise another human, from birth to being a positive contributing member of society.  Especially if there are more than one human to be raised.  Especially if that caregiver has less than a top tier job.  Especially when few jobs, regardless of tier, acknowledge that employees have humans that require care, and depending on them, and occasionally, shtuff happens and employees need time off.  


And Mr. Jindal, since firearms were invented nearly 1000 years ago, I do not wish to go back to that time.  What I would like, is to go forward to a time, when every Tom, Dick, and Harriet, doesn't have access to a knee jerk final answer.  AKA: A GUN.  Because you see, a lot of those frustrated, overworked, underpaid and unappreciated, single moms, and abdicated dads, are the same person as Tom, Dick, and Harriet. 

Yes it's complicated.

I gotta go, but...

How about for starters:


Here's hoping.

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