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*Why You're Here-The Gist

It is Now in March of 2018.  Sadie's Gathering is now 5 years old... how fast time goes...

 I give you this list of posts that I've done, that have been enjoyed the most, but have yet to get to My Top 10, that you see over on the left.  Most of them are written with a bit of sarcasm.  I plan on eventually dividing them up into 3 or 4 pages, at some point, but till then, hope this helps.  Just clink on any title that strikes your fancy, and you'll be whisked away to the post.

Yesterday a Botticelli; Today a Picasso
Some thoughts on aging. 

Dicks Are The Trouble
Written 10/31/16.  (Be sure to read about Nadkins)

Gender Representatively Challenged?

A Few Thoughts From The Prude

My fresh airing thoughts on Poo~Pourri.

Why Are Social Media Not Social?

Ready To Scream!

Okay, Let's Talk About...
<-My thoughts on this ad

Let's Talk About Sex...Again  

Should We Re-Invent Sex? 
A photo montage of sort, with a message.

What The Verruckt?! 

What We Can Learn From This Photo

Time To Run Away Again

Galactic Cap...Proving 

Gotta Hand It To Them Compilation of some bright ideas.

One For The Ladies...

I Had To Ask... Here's the answer:

Are You A Feminist? Should need no explanation.

A Pedometer For What? Some folks have too much time on their hands.

Mind the "Gap" My response to the thigh gap issue.

Feminist Notes and A Plea

History Be Damned How can we learn from our mistakes if we don't know the whole story?

Where I'd Be Without Planned Parenthood

Marriage: Take 2  With the Supreme Court deciding on Marriage Equality "once and for all",  you're probably going to see a "Marriage: Take 3".  Feautures several great cartoons, including:

What's A Mommy To Do? All about my experience with breastfeeding.  Had to include this cartoon here:

Don't get too excited ladies. (It's now, out of business)

to be continued...

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