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Sunday, August 25, 2013

New... for Saturday Night...Sketches

Just a new idea for SNL Sketches I'd Like To See...

A character who obviously has spent way too much time with social media, and can only answer with "Like" "Follow" "Fan" "Share" "Pin" "Link" and "Tweet".  When their exasperated friend (who longs for the conversation mode of yesteryear) asks if they would like to "Comment", the social media zombie friend answers, "Unlike".  Might make for a funny commercial spoof for something.  "Does your loved one or friend spend way too much time with the computer? Time to try the "Lightning Rod! Shock them back to sense!"  I can hear Jason Sudeikis doing this to a T- unfortunately, I think he has left SNL.

In case you haven't checked it out yet, here's the rest:

This page will be subjects that I believe would make good Saturday Night Live sketches.  Maybe some day Lorne Michaels will stop by.  Any ol' hoo, these are fun to think about.  

-Martha Stewart's long lost or "black sheep" sister.... white trash, but very creative with a variety items.  Lots of possibilities I think.

-Parody of Caillou.  Caillou, his sister, all the characters, and don't forget the saccharine sweet narrator. They did a brilliant parody on Dora the Explorer entitled Maraka and Mittens.  If you haven't seen it click to watch.

-Right now it's summer and I am seeing lots of toys promoted. However there are the "As Seen on TV" toys like Flashlight Friends, Seat Pets, Stuffies, and Tummy Stuffers, that you don't know what you get till you get it and may be more gimmicky than other toys.  They always say "great for all ages"... well imagine a college age kid, an adult, or an elderly person with a Flashlight Friend, Seat Pet (maybe a Bum Bud, for the tush) or a Stuffie-  great for hiding whatever you don't want your spouse or kids to see... different paraphernalia can fit! 

-On the same line as the "As Seen on TV" toys-  gimmicky toys that enable adults to carry things discreetly. 

-Chuck E. Cheese's How-to Video for the Say Cheese! App.  Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader would have done it phenomenally, but I know there's others that could do it justice as well.

-A take on Ana and Christian from the 50 Shades series.  Shows them after 50 Shades Freed.  Does Christian load the dishwasher correctly?  When Christian starts to get "bossy", what used to turn Ana on, now causes her to suspect he's trying to get out of doing the mundane things she's asked him to do.  Hows about does either one get the "7 year itch"?  Maybe Christian is a little too nice now, and she gets the hots for the plumber?  Again, think there's lots of funny potential scenarios.

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